Effortlessly Write Efficient Software with RegexMagic’s Handy Source Code Snippets

See how RegexMagic conveniently integrates with PowerGREP, our top-of-the-line Windows grep tool. The video shows how to use RegexMagic to build a regular expression that matches numbers assigned to certain identifiers and to prepare a replacement string that will tell PowerGREP to increment those numbers.

Programmers can tightly integrate RegexMagic with their applications. End users can add integration to applications that allow a command line to be provided to run other applications.

You can find this example in RegexMagic’s help file under RegexMagic Examples|Real World|Increment ImageIndex Constants.

More Videos

Generate a more complex regular expression (3′44″): see how generating a more involved regular expression is still very easy with RegexMagic. This video shows how to generate a regex to match a version number such as v1.2.3.4444 where the “v” and the build number are optional.

Generate a simple regular expression (1′29″): see how you can easily generate a regular expression that matches a number between 42 and 2552 without dealing with the cryptic regex syntax.

Develop software with regular expressions (2′15″): see how you can effortlessly write efficient software with RegexMagic’s handy source code snippets. The video shows how to build a regular expression that matches multi-line comments as used in programming languages like Java and how to generate a source code snippet that uses this regex that you can readily paste into your application’s source code.

Easily Create Regexes with RegexMagic