See with Your Own Eyes How Easy This Regex Stuff Becomes with RegexMagic

You can watch four videos showing RegexMagic in action. You can watch them right in your web browser, without downloading or installing anything. Each video only takes a few minutes to watch.

Generate a simple regular expression (1′29″): see how you can easily generate a regular expression that matches a number between 42 and 2552 without dealing with the cryptic regex syntax.

Generate a more complex regular expression (3′44″): see how generating a more involved regular expression is still very easy with RegexMagic. This video shows how to generate a regex to match a version number such as v1.2.3.4444 where the “v” and the build number are optional.

Develop software with regular expressions (2′15″): see how you can effortlessly write efficient software with RegexMagic’s handy source code snippets. The video shows how to build a regular expression that matches multi-line comments as used in programming languages like Java and how to generate a source code snippet that uses this regex that you can readily paste into your application’s source code.

Tight integration with your favorite software (3′49″): see how RegexMagic conveniently integrates with PowerGREP, our top-of-the-line Windows grep tool. The video shows how to use RegexMagic to build a regular expression that matches numbers assigned to certain identifiers and to prepare a replacement string that will tell PowerGREP to increment those numbers. Programmers can tightly integrate RegexMagic with their applications. End users can add integration to applications that allow a command line to be provided to run other applications.

Easily Create Regexes with RegexMagic

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