RegexMagic Testimonials—What The People Say

Oliver Barkhofen

“RegexMagic is really just great software. Especially for people who fear the contact to regex essentials.”

6 July 2019, Germany

Marcus König

“Your software saved me a lot of work. I could copy many regex strings directly as Javascript output to my node.js project.”

19 April 2016, Germany

Graham Douglas

“As a licensed user of RegexBuddy and RegexMagic I just have to write to you to say what fantastic tools they are. I use them daily and they save me hours of work. I also put up a short blog post in praise of these tools. Thanks for writing such superbly designed and engineered software!”

6 September 2014, United Kingdom

Michele Foulds

“I purchased RegexMagic and have found it more than meets all of my needs and is easier to use [than other products], as I’m not very familiar with creating regular expressions.”

31 December 2013, Ontario, Canada

Steven Scott-Cooper

“I’m currently using EditPad Pro and RegexMagic (mainly the GREP panel) in combination with WebDrive. I can develop directly on the server complete with project management, milestones, automatic backups and GREP searches. The combination is awesome!”

7 April 2011, United Kingdom

Brent Nelson

“Thank you for your excellent products! I use them all regularly and am very satisfied with them. I have PowerGREP, EditPad Pro, RegexBuddy, and RegexMagic. I consider them all essential tools, and a great value.”

27 August 2009, Texas, USA

Rey E. Perez

“I wanted to say thank you for your software products and for the continued support maintenance updates. If it wasn’t for your software, I really wouldn’t be able to handle my day-to-day work activities for the past decade. I’m very grateful your hard work and dedication into providing this software to a person just like me. There is much more to be said, but simply put: thank you. I look forward to new releases, versions, updates for many years to come.”

“Dedicated and proud owner of: EditPad Pro, RegexMagic, RegexBuddy, and AceText.”

14 June 2017, Texas, USA

Kai Jaeger

“First I bought your two RegEx related application, now I have donated 50 EUR. That tells you how much I value your work.”

“I am an experienced programmer, freelancer since 1980 and still very much active. I never had any use for RegEx beyond some very basic stuff which I grasped by googling without really understanding what I was doing.”

“Recently I needed some sophisticated RegEx expressions, and for that, well, surprisingly it turned out that I really need to understand what I am doing. With your [products’] help I mastered that relatively quickly.”

“Mastering the job I mean, not becoming a master of RegEx expressions. That will probably take a bit longer. ;)”

21 March 2016, United Kingdom

Doug Precure

“You recently replied to a question I had on the RegexMagic forum. All I can say is wow! I never expected the author of the software to answer, let alone give me such a complete solution to my problem. Very impressive. I look forward to using your software and website resources to continue my Regex education. It’s great to know I have somewhere to go when I have problems or questions.”

25 May 2013, Texas, USA

Derek Brown

“I have just finished going through the RegexMagic Manual, following each of the examples and all I need to do now, of course, is to start creating some formulas of my own to really get used to using it. Being able to follow the examples was so useful and I am quite excited about using RegexMagic during the coming weeks.”

“Congratulations on yet another great product. RegexMagic is not ‘Just Great’, it is ‘Absolutely Fantastic’.”

17 August 2009, United Kingdom

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