RegexMagic Patterns

Any regular expression you build in RegexMagic will use one or more patterns. In fact, you have to use patterns for all the text that your regular expression should match. A pattern in RegexMagic is a description of a certain piece of text that RegexMagic can generate a regular expression for. Patterns can be simple, matching only certain characters, or quite complex, matching things such as entire email addresses or URLs.

Regular Expressions Generated from a Single Pattern

The simplest regular expression you can create in RegexMagic consists of just one field that uses one of these patterns. All the examples below create a regular expressing using one of the different patterns that RegexMagic provides. These examples are a good way to get started with RegexMagic. They make you familiar with the kinds of patterns that RegexMagic supports. These patterns are the building blocks for regular expressions that match text for which RegexMagic does not provide a ready-made pattern.

Special Patterns Used with Other Patterns

A few of RegexMagic’s patterns can only be used (sensibly) in a regular expression that consists of multiple fields. The following examples show each of those patterns.