Pattern: Currency

“Currency” is one of the patterns that you can select on the Match panel. Use this pattern to make a field match a currency code as defined in the ISO 4217 standard. You can restrict the field to specific currencies.

Show Special Currency Codes

Show currency codes that represent bond market units, special settlement units, and precious metals in the list of currencies.

Show Obsolete Currency Codes

Show currency codes that are no longer used in active trade today. These codes are still valid for referencing obsolete currencies in historic data.


Select the currencies codes that this field should match. Selecting none of the currencies is the same as selecting all the currencies. The currency codes are defined by ISO 4217.

The currencies are listed in alphabetic order of the currency codes. When showing special and/or obsolete currencies, the normal currencies are listed first, then the special currencies, and finally the obsolete currencies.

Currency codes are only matched exactly when using the "average" or "strict" field validation modes. Invalid currencies may be matched in "loose" mode. All 3-letter combinations are accepted in "none" mode.