Pattern: Unicode characters

“Unicode characters” is one of the patterns that you can select on the Match panel. Use this pattern to restrict a field to a certain set of Unicode characters. The repetition settings for the field determine how many characters the field can or must match.

Individual Characters

Type in a list of characters that you want to allow in this field.

You can only type in characters that don't fit any of the categories that you've turned on below.

Case Insensitive

Turn on to allow the field to match both the lowercase and uppercase variants of all letters that you typed in as individual characters. When on, the lowercase and uppercase letter groups will also match both variants, even if you turned on only one of them.

Turn off to make the field respect the case of the individual characters you've typed in.

Match All Characters Except The Selected Ones

Turn on to make the field match any character except those that you specified.

Turn off to make the field match only those characters that you specified.

Unicode Categories

Turn on one or more Unicode categories to have the field include all characters that are in one of the selected categories. Turning on categories removes all characters with the selected categories from the list of individual characters above.

Turn off Unicode categories if you don't want the field to include any characters from certain categories, except for those characters that you have entered as individual characters. Turning off a Unicode category puts back any individual characters that were removed by turning that category on.